Friday, 31 May 2013

Ich mag Burgenland und Zuege

For those of you whose German is even worse than mine, that translates as "I like Burgenland and trains", which is true. Burgenland is much maligned as a destination but it's actually really beautiful. It's not as spectacular as the alps or Vienna but it's a lovely quietness with it's rolling hills and vineyards, a good place for 'gemuetlichkeit'

I also like trains (

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lord Of The Flies

Ok, confession first, I've never read Lord Of The Flies. My information on the book is largely based on people saying things like 'it was like something from Lord of The Flies" etc. I know it's about some kids that get stranded and kind go all tribal (I'm pretty sure one of them gets killed in some brutal manner, no doubt to illustrate that deep down no matter how innocent set out, we're all asshole in the end [or something]) 

No tribe mask repeats it's self.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Good But Hot

Antoine de Caunes is better known as the presenter of cheeky 90's channel 4 show, Eurotrash. A surreal mix european weirdos, comedy voice overs and gratuitous nudity, Eurotrash was a guilty favourite of my mine during my teenage years (remember this is when the internet was slow and untrusted and we didn't get Channel 5 very well) and so I was interested to discover he'd written a book.

Good But Hot is actually pretty good. It's a sort of noir detective novel that follows Sam Murchison, a  morose, alcoholic PI hired to find a wealthy industrialist daughter. It's not spectacularly orignal but i love a good detective novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The original cover (or at least the copy i had) was rubbish (really, very awful) and didn't do the book justice at all so i've tried to capture the feel of the book a bit better myself. It's pulp, but maybe that's a good thing.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Burning Sky

Artwork for A Fight You Can't Win's new single Burning Sky

AFYCW's new single Burning Sky (out 13/05/13) is about all about doctors handing out anti-depressants like they were sweeties. I worked with some initial ideas around this sweet/drug motive but i felt like i'd seen it all before. I did a really simple, graphicy one we quite liked but the guys decided to go with this one. (There's something about hyena laughs/false laughter/anti-depressants there but truth is, i just really like drawing hyenas)