Thursday, 16 May 2013

Good But Hot

Antoine de Caunes is better known as the presenter of cheeky 90's channel 4 show, Eurotrash. A surreal mix european weirdos, comedy voice overs and gratuitous nudity, Eurotrash was a guilty favourite of my mine during my teenage years (remember this is when the internet was slow and untrusted and we didn't get Channel 5 very well) and so I was interested to discover he'd written a book.

Good But Hot is actually pretty good. It's a sort of noir detective novel that follows Sam Murchison, a  morose, alcoholic PI hired to find a wealthy industrialist daughter. It's not spectacularly orignal but i love a good detective novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The original cover (or at least the copy i had) was rubbish (really, very awful) and didn't do the book justice at all so i've tried to capture the feel of the book a bit better myself. It's pulp, but maybe that's a good thing.

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