Saturday, 15 June 2013


This post could have been "The Sea: It's big and cold and everything in it hates you Part II" but idea of a jellyfish hating anything just doesn't quite fit, it's a bit like the idea of porridge feeling resentment or a section of drywall falling in love. They have no brain, no heart, no blood, the fact that they are alive boggles my head.

I'm pretty pleased with how these pictures turned out (i might do a some more, the idea of doing a whole show of jellyfish appeals to me!) and so I've included some pictures of my development. First I pooled water on mount board (you need to use mount board so it doesn't warp), I then added a thin ink solution and drops of ink. I let it dry unevenly, occasionally changing the tilt of the board. I scanned and printed blobs on different sheets of paper and drew over with pencil then a bit of photoshop jiggery pokery and pow, jellyfish.

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