Monday, 17 February 2014

National Collective Zine

Here's my contribution toward Scottish independence, it's the cover for National Collective's new zine! 

Scottish independence is the hot topic for discussion just now and in this piece I've tried to highlight Scotland's resources and traditions and the potential for a bright and productive independent Scotland. When I started thinking about this cover I decided there were a lot of thing I wanted to avoid putting in there, I didn't want to portray Scotland as a twee little country of Highland cows and tartan, so St. Andrews crosses, no Braveheart, no rolling mountains. We have great natural resources and proud heritage of engineers and inventors and could be a rich, prosperous independent nation (central to this is prosperity is whiskey which accounts for nearly 80% of UK food and drink exports and has increased in value by a massive 23% in recent years)

I'm no xenophobe. I don't identify with the Scotland the brave chat. I don't want independence because I hate the English (I'm half English myself). I am however ashamed of Britain, I'm ashamed of the Iraq War and Afghanistan War. I'm ashamed of the British Empire and the attitude people still have to it (the British Empire is what the Nazi's tried to build, that it is remembered fondly by some people is despicable "I think there is an enormous amount to be proud of in what the British empire did and was responsible for" - David Cameron) I'm ashamed that we spend millions of pounds on nuclear missiles but can't afford social welfare. I'm ashamed we have more bankers earning over a million pounds a year in this country than the rest of Europe put together. I'm ashamed and angry and frustrated by a lot of things to do with Britain. We talk a lot about the need for change and we have the chance for a bloodless revolution, we'd be foolish not to take it. 

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