Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Revolution is Buffering

I watched a film about the hacktivist group Anonymous last night. It's not a great documentary, it's a bit smug and it didn't tell me much i didn't already know but it did get me thinking about online activism. Anonymous are a genuine multinational political force capable of exerting far more pressure on oppressive governments than traditional liberal or anarchist groups, they are perhaps the most important civil rights movement since Martin Luther King. They played key roles in both the Wikileaks scandal and the Arab spring and stand up against anyone they see as infringing on free speech (especially on the internet) mainly through DDoS'ing, which one lawyer described as a 'virtual sit-in'. The nature of effective civil disobedience has changed, the internet is still a free place and it should stay that way.

 The revolutionary of today uses microchips not Molotovs.  

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